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Who are Legacy in the Community?

Legacy in the Community is a team of passionate individuals whose purpose is to work together to break down the barriers in our communities that prevent disabled individuals, or those who identify with long-term health conditions, from fully participating in society.

We believe that having a disability should not come with a label or restriction and through means of promoting inclusivity and raising awareness these labels and restrictions will cease to exist.

With appropriate funding, we see ‘Legacy in the Community’ as the place to come to for information, support and a voice for disabled people in Wales.


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Meet the team and trustees

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Gareth Marshall

Managing Director

Rhiannon Morgan

Employment Advisor (West Wales)

Lewis Wilmot

Customer Co-ordinator

Russell Bradley

Employment Advisor (Powys)

Emily Hughes

ALN Co-ordinator

Dustin Yemm

Business Community Liasion

Jan Allen-Darby

Employment Advisor (Powys)

Natalia Miles

Employment Advisor (West Wales)

Karen Blake Morgan


Chi Ying Chung