On the 22 June 23, Legacy in the Community, in partnership with Clare Gibson from the Positive Action team at Gwent Police, hosted a breakfast meeting centred around the theme of Working towards a representative workforce with Gwent Police.

During, the hour-long presentation, although, the public tend to see just the front end of the service such as Police Officers, Claire discussed and illustrated throughout her presentation the many varied roles that exist ‘behind the scenes’ within the service. These can include admin and scientific roles, working in the custody suite, and much more.

Gwent Police is a Disability Confident Leader and actively encourages (role appropriate) individuals from any and all backgrounds to apply for suitable roles within the Service. Clare also gave an overview of the support and mentoring they provide, including where appropriate assistance with reasonable adaptions such as working patterns etc.
If you have spare time, there are also volunteer roles available within the Police Service.

Clare also discussed the ‘The Ride Along Scheme’ which offers members of the public the chance to join their officers on patrol and experience daily policing first-hand.

The meeting ended with a Q & A session. For further details on roles within Gwent Police Service please click on the following link: